Artist’s Bio

ME & TASMANIA  28 X 24 X2 #848 0IL $429I remember that as early as I could,  I tried to paint and draw my surroundings, I especially enjoyed painting and drawing horses and dogs.  I also loved all of the colors that were available in my “Crayola” crayon box.  opening that box was like a revelation, there was more than one red, blue yellow, etc.  I also remember being told to stay in the lines!  Wrong!

I am so happy I got over “staying in the lines”. I was told that Art was a waste of time, and if I wanted to survive in this world, I had to learn how to type!

I married, divorced and had a child to raise on my own.  I did whatever I could to make a living. The only paint brush I picked up was to paint the numerous apartments I rented!  Then in 1975, I enrolled in Broward Community College, as an Art Major. My first juried show was in 1976, in a  gallery on Las Olas Boulevard, in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  I got my AA in Art and moved to San Francisco in 1978, completing my BFA in Art and a BS in Psychology, in 1982.  Then I went on to get my Masters degree.

After graduation, I got a job working for the State of CA, as a Right of Way Agent.  Talk about going backwards!  I did not have time to pursue my art, with the exception of decorating my house with Redwood trees painted on the Porch and laundry hanging next to the washing machine, as well as Faux painting the walls !  ART was still with me.

I retired in 2005, moved to an island in S. Texas and joined the Art Center for the Islands, and the Rockport Center for the Arts.  My appreciation of Art was still with me and it remains until this day.   I believe “ART IS LIFE AND LIFE IS ART”.

Presently, I am a member of the Art Association, in Fernandina Beach, FL, where I now live and work on my Art.

I paint with oils, acrylics, water color and Pan Pastels, and I’m enjoying every minute of it.  A lot of my paintings are based on some of my travels, so come take a trip with me. I have studied with many wonderful artists, including Robert Bachtold, Guy Morrow, Kay Barneybey and Johannes Vloothaus.




Certificate: WetCanvas Live Course [Clear Skies]

Press: Thursday Painters

Press: Second Saturday Artrageous Art Walk